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I often buy dolls in mismatched lots with broken or missing pieces so I can try to develop different techniques for fixing or combining things.

So I made 2 OOAK dolls of spare parts that I didn't have assigned to other planned projects. Silver here is on a curvy Barbie body, but the head is from a Rainbow high doll.

- Head shrunken using acetone,
- Eye shapes were experimentally reshaped
- Eye inserts are handmade using UV resin and glitter
- New, exaggerated long eyelashes
- Seam sanding and trimming around the joints to avoid scraping off paint
- Bodies painted with metallic spray paint, silver leaf, glitter, a high gloss sealant and crystal rhinestones.
- Hair is holographic silver tinsel

I was really surprised that I liked this combo so much because I didn't think the 2 styles of dolls would compliment each other so well, but I was pleasantly surprised!


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