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Well, I tried... lol ...twice! These were my 2 attempts to make a Markiplier doll. The first time I think I tried a Deuce Gorgon doll with a shrunken head and tried to see if I could get a likeness with paint alone, but it didn't turn out. I call him Marklando Bloomiplier because he looks like a cross between Mark and Orlando Bloom to me lol. Mostly the forehead was way too wide when Mark has more of an elongated oval shaped head.

The 2nd try was a resculpted Jackson Jekyll head on a Dexter Charming body. Closer, but still not quite it. I still went ahead and made him a little Tiny Box Tim and a pair of glasses since he still wore them back then. Not sure if there will be a 3rd try or not yet.

Mark and NotMark

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