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Meadow Larc was a bard from back in my Ultima Online days. Here she is quite a combination! Elfdoll Soah head on a Dollstown 18 yr girl body, with Doll Family-H 1/3rd size male jointed hands, and Soom Mecha Angel high heel resin shoes and feet. The body is the base color and everything else was blushed to match it, though I blushed the hands a little too dark again on this :/

The Soah head is one of the first bjd related thing I've seen in my life that turned my head towards the hobby when I saw her modeling clothes in an online store. I had bought her and 2 other Elfdoll heads and it turns out that Elfdoll heads vary in size quite a bit. All 3 were completely different sizes with Soah being the biggest one. Because she is so large, it took me quite a while to find a body that looked right for her to me. The Dollstown body is huge! The biggest girl that I have. Shape-wise it's a little less realistic irl than in catalog pics and I feel like it's totally overpriced... but I suppose it's worth it to have a good size match for Soah.

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