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The character Faye Forrester for whom this doll is named is supposed to have mid-length dark wavy hair. This doll ended up significantly different from the character. Haven't fully settled on a finished look for her. I know she looks a little freaky, particularly because of the eyes, but I kind of like it hehe.

She is an Elfdoll Yuan head on a Fairyland Feeple65 body with Doll Family-H 1/3 female jointed hands. The body had initially been blushed to match a different head which had already been painted, but then I decided to swap bodies so to avoid repainting the whole body again I just blushed the head and hands to match that. Though these hands were my worst blush-to-match job ever... I went way too dark, but jointed hands are too difficult to take apart, clean and reassemble, so I opted to just deal with it.


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