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Euphoria is a silicone body from Lovely Doll with a very modified Cristy Stone Siren head.

Lovely Doll's body is very cool! The internal skeleton is very sturdy, poses well and holds the poses well. My only gripe about it is that the finger wires do not go very far down the fingers. It's wonderful not having joints and if I was a better photographer I'm sure I could take some beautiful pictures of her but I am terrible with a camera. Lots of people have taken much better pictures of their silicone dolls in other places.

The Siren head... I was very disappointed with it initially. Cristy Stone is a wonderful faceup artist but this sculpt was horrible. And it turned out that the facup was factory done, not even done by her so it was a really bad one, worst and cheapest I've ever seen anyone receive. The eyelashes were like Moxie Girl doll eyelashes. It was the faceup that made the head look good in the advertisement pictures as it turns out. I went back to the ad page after receiving it and noticed that all the pics of the face were pretty much at the same angle. It was so lacking in detail that I had to do extensive detailing with a dremel tool. The sides of the nose didn't even have a side cut, basically the edges of the sides of the nose were directly plastered to the face. The nose from the profile view had a very odd bump shape which I smoothed out. I felt the bridge of the nose stuck out too far so I shaped that some. Reshaped the chin a bit. I hated the fact that the ears did not taper at the lobes, though I guess that realistically some people's ears are like that, so I tapered them. The detail inside the ear wasn't really carved out very much either, so I sculpted in there as well.

I'm still not happy with her, but I'm happier now than when I received her. I think the bridge of her nose needs to be narrowed and she needs some cheek and jaw structure. Her face is way too flat and shapeless.

Some of the older pics show an Elfdoll Rita head on the body. That was an interim thing while I was waiting on the Siren head. Even older pictures show the original silicone head that the body came with.


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