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Drach Imel is a character I created as a necromancer in Guild Wars (an mmorpg) quite some time ago. The character originally had dark brown skin and I had tried to dye this doll that color, but the pieces were taking the color differently... so I ended up dying the doll solid black since that was the only way to avoid color variance.

She is comprised of an Iplehouse Cherie head (very modded to greatly sharpen the features), a Miro doll 1/3rd size girl body (also very modded, top of torso piece cut to enable better posing, breasts reduced and reshaped, thighs slimmed and feet reshaped), and Illusion Spirit 1/4 size jointed hands.

I spent quite some time sewing this outfit of hers. Sooo much to stitching! The framework for the collar was a pain but I loved how the effect turned out in the end. I did the styling for the wig and the shoes are 100% handmade as well. That is a process I really don't want to try ever again...

Drach Imel

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